‘ ₹2,100 crore a year’ says Congress on Trinamool’s ‘Griha Laxmi’ scheme in Goa; ‘perfectly doable’ retorts TMC


The Congress on Sunday taunted the Trinamool Congress’ pre-poll promise in Goa, under which the Mamata Banerjee-led party promised a direct cash transfer every month to women in the state if elected to power. The scheme was titled ‘Griha Laxmi’ and was announced earlier on Saturday by the TMC in the run-up to the state assembly polls next year.

Former Union minister P Chidambaram said that the scheme would cost 2,100 crore a year, if 5,000 was given to women in 350,000 households in the state.

“A monthly grant of 5,000 to a woman in 3.5 lakh households in Goa will cost 175 crore a month. That is 2,100 crore a year,” he tweeted. He also mocked that the idea “deserves a Nobel Prize for Economics.” Further, he said that Goa’s debt stood at 23,473 crore in March 2020. “It is a ‘small’ sum for the State of Goa that had an outstanding debt of Rs. 23,473 crore at the end of March 2020. God bless Goa! Or should it be God save Goa?” he said in a subsequent tweet.

Meanwhile, Trinamool Congress MP Mahua Moitra, who was recently appointed as the party’s Goa in-charge, replied to Chidambaram’s remarks and said that the promise was “perfectly doable.”

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“Yes sir @PChidambaram_IN 5000 to 3.5 lakh Goan households = 2100 crores is 6-8% of total budget which is perfectly doable. Good economics in depressed post covid scenario requires putting cash in hand & liquidity into system,” she said in a tweet.

The Goa unit of the TMC also replied to the Congress leader and said, “You can continue doing the Math @PChidambaram_IN ji, while we are busy immersing ourselves in serving the people of Goa since that’s the need of the hour. Goa deserves good & sensible governance, & it’s time someone provided that,” in a tweet.

The exchange in Twitter between the two parties comes amidst the growing rift between them in recent days. On December 10, Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi visited the state and held several programmes, including a women’s convention. However, the Mamata Banerjee-led party said that the people of Goa didn’t trust the leadership of Congress and even claimed that several women walked out of the event.

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