Catch your own waves at Mulki


As the swells come in from deeper waters, surfers keep a lookout to catch waves while laying on their belly on a surfboard, and as they spot one, they paddle to catch the centre of the rising wave and as it breaks towards the shore, the surfers jump from their bellies to their feet and right into the breaking wave. This is the perfect scenario for a surfing experience. And Indians are lapping up the idea of this water sport.

Surfing is a lifetime experience and is all about a surfboard, the waves and your penchant for adventure. The long, gently sloped yet powerful waves of Mulki, a quaint town in Karnataka suits everyone from those relatively new to surfing, and experienced riders. Possessing blue skies and clear waters, the sport of surfing is fast catching up with adventure seekers ready to ride waves and learn surfing.

Dikshit Suvarna, popularly known as Druva, started the Indica Surf School in 2014. Nestled amid lush green evergreen and deciduous forests of Karnataka, it is a traveller’s paradise. The ocean is a little over from the Mulki base allowing you to enjoy a calming stroll on the way to the surfing retreat. The Surf House is not far from the central town, thus, inviting you to experience plenty of activities, from shopping to visiting magnificent museums. “My love for surfing which I learnt as an adolescent has culminated into this surf school.”

He adds, “We help people learn the basics of surfing, improve their ocean knowledge and experience a new perspective when it comes to aquatic sports.”

Sukriti Chaturvedi, content creator and blogger, says, “To be honest, I’m a lil scared of adventure sports… but surfing seemed something extra fun and adventurous! So I thought to give it a try. The place is extraordinary and the instructors at Indica surf school make you feel very very comfortable. On the first day, I learnt the basics and balancing. With the waves crashing on the shore, it was a tad bit difficult to handle the surf board and myself. I fell in the water multiple times but it was all fun! Though I could only do a 2-day course, it was an experience of a lifetime! Wait… Am I a surfer now?”

Standing up on a board, spotting the waves, understanding currents and being in the right spot when the wave approaches is learnt with experience and a lot of practice. The conditions are always changing and after getting caught in the wrong spot multiple times and experiencing a nosedive once in a while, you will be able to catch your own waves without a push.

Staying at the school

Staying at the school is an excellent opportunity to enjoy the real experience with a caring family to look after you. It is a special place, as Deepika Suvarna and Pushpalata Suvarna make a traveller feel at home. Home-cooked piping hot meals are served in the kitchen of their home. After a gruelling session, the meals transport you to a food heaven. It features farm views, air-conditioned or fan cooled rooms, fast internet, a wardrobe, and a bathroom with hot and cold shower facilities.

“I had never even thought of going surfing when my friend called me up while she was waiting for her Mangalore flight at Mumbai and convinced me to go to Mulki to surf! The sudden plan was too much to decipher but everything was worth it because the moment I entered Indica Surfing school I knew I was in for a treat! The very next morning we went surfing and it turns out I wasn’t as good at it as my friends but I had so much fun! The place is beautiful. What I personally loved most was the family who runs this place! Deepika, Dhruva and their Mummy were so wonderful and OH MY GOD the food!! Delicious food every single time. Deepika also helped us navigate to the right sunsets and also the best saree shop where we picked a load of beautiful Sarees. Indica surf school is much more than just a surf school. They are an overall experience,” says Tia Rohin Sebastian, actor.

“Indica Surf School was very peaceful, especially Deepika who was very sweet. Local authentic food was the icing on the cake. My husband and I ensured we ate every meal,” says Sanjana Palai.

Indica Surf School is a complete package and an experience of a lifetime.

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