FIR on hair stylist Jawed Habib for spitting on a woman


An FIR has been registered against hair stylist Jawed Habib, at Police Station Mansurpur, Muzzafar Nagar on the information provided by victim Puja Gupta under Section 355 (assault or criminal force with intent to dishonour person, otherwise than on grave provocation) of the Indian Penal Code, 1860 and the Epidemic Diseases Act, 1897 for the ghastly incident that has shook the entire country – Jawed Habib, has been captured on video spitting on Gupta’s head while styling her hair. The unfortunate victim, Gupta, paid 2500 for VIP access to attend one of his seminars. The victim says, “While Habib was explaining hair smoothening to the participants, I pointed out that the process cannot be achieved in 5 minutes, this probably irked Habib.” She says that after lunch, Habib was preparing to give a demonstration and asked for volunteers. Gupta, being a die-hard fan, immediately volunteered. Habib recognised that Gupta was the one who questioned him. In a video now viral, he can be seen smacking her on the head. The victim also alleges that she had requested Habib not to hit her as she suffers from cervical pain. The video recorded by her husband shows Habib spitting on her scalp while announcing “Agar paani ki kami haina… toh iss thuuk mein jaan hai.” The video shows that this act was received with laughter and cheers from the audience.

On reaching out to Habib, he denied the entire incident and alleged that the video has been doctored. He said, “Dear its a seminar where I teach hair science & our culture. I tell people to drink haldi pani every morning. In olden age people used to use saliva every morning if you have pimples. It’s antiseptic. If people see the whole video they will know what I’m talking about. But the video is all edited. I’m in an industry since ages so people follow me. I’ve 900+ videos on my social media where I tell how to look after skin and hair. It’s all planned dear and I don’t sell any cosmetics. I sell gyan,” (sic).

However, later he took to social media and posted a video where he can be seen explaining that the entire episode was an attempt at humour and he apologises for any offence caused.

We also reached out to the victim who narrated her painful ordeal. “I have become a laughing stock for the entire world. I had gone there to learn and not get humiliated,” she says. While Gupta refused to share the entire video of the incident, she stuck to her allegation. Rubbishing the fact that the video has been edited, she said “If that was the case, why are Habib’s people calling me saying that Habib is ready to apologise to me in person.”

“I feel my image has been publically eroded and I seek its restoration. I want him to publicly apologise to me,” she adds.

The Chairperson, National Commission for Women (NCW), Rekha Sharma says, “We have written to the Delhi Commissioner of Police, and DGP, UP to take action against Jawed Habib. We are also summoning the relevant parties.”

Yogita Bhayana, human rights activist says that Jawed Habib’s act is extremely humiliating and he must be taken to task for it. “It hurts the dignity of a human being. It’s shocking that during Covid times when we are not even sharing the same breath, Jawed Habib is seen spitting on someone’s head! He should be booked under the Epidemic Diseases Act,1897. He should not think that just because he is a celebrity, he can get away with a criminal act,” says Bhayana.

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