Karnataka slashes sales tax on petrol, diesel; BJP’s jibe at ‘lecturing opposition’


With BJP-ruled states announcing VAT cut in petrol and diesel following Centre’s announcement of reduction of petrol, diesel excise duty, the BJP on Thursday questioned the opposition-ruled states about their status of petrol and diesel price. The Twitter handle of BJP Karnataka said the NDA state governments immediately decided on reducing the VAT, benefitting crores of people, but the opposition-ruled states are yet to announce the same. The swipe came as Karnataka claimed to be the first state to reduce salex tax on petrol and diesel, which will bring down by 19.47.

Petrol, diesel cheaper on Diwali as multiple states cut VAT on fuel. Full list

The government release said diesel prices were reduced from 104.50 on November 3 to 85.03, which is a reduction of 19.47. Petrol prices were reduced from 113.93 on November 3 to 100.63, which is a reduction of 13.30.

Karnataka’s share of Sales Tax on Petrol is reduced from 35 to 25.9 percent and that on diesel has been reduced from 24 to 14.34 per cent, by virtue of today’s notification, it added.

“Opposition parties were lecturing about price rise of petrol and diesel. Yesterday, PM Narendra Modi reduced excise duty on petrol and diesel. NDA state governments immediately reduced the VAT on them benefitting crores of people. Opposition-rules states are yet to reduce the same,” BJP Karnataka wrote.

Apart from the BJP-ruled states, Odisha has announced VAT reduction, while Rajasthan chief minister Ashok Gehlot said VAT imposed by state will get reduced automatically with the Centre slashing its excise duty. “I would once again urge prime minister (Narendra Modi) to reduce excise duty so that people can get the relief from rising inflation. Our government is ready to bear the revenue loss for public welfare,” Gehlot said. In Rajasthan, petrol will be cheaper by 6.8 per litre and diesel by 12.6 per litre.

Assam, Tripura, Manipur, Karnataka, Goa, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand have announced VAT cut after the Centre reduced excise duty by 5 on petrol and 10 on diesel.

The Congress has been critical of the Centre’s announcement a day before Diwali and termed it a ‘jumla’. Congress leader P Chidambaram on Thursday said the decision was a “by-product of by-elections”. To this, former petroleum minister Dharmendra Pradhan said, “If the accusation is being sensitive to people’s demand and sharing their sorrow, we happily accept it as the #ModiGovt stands for being with the people in their happiness as well as in grief.” 

Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi said the decision was out of fear and not from the heart.

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