Magadheera producer Allu Aravind withdraws plea seeking stay on Raabta’s release

Sushant Singh Rajput-Kriti Sanon-starrer Raabta got major relief on Thursday when the makers of Magadheera withdrew their plea seeking a stay on the release of the film.

The makers of Ram Charan’s Magadheera had moved a civil court in Hyderabad against Raabta over copyright infringement of the story in May. Directed by SS Rajamouli, which introduced him to the world as a visionary filmmaker, the film also starred Kajal Aggarwal in her first major hit of her career.

Earlier on Wednesday, the makers of Raabta listed out 100 films with the theme reincarnation and love stories.

Ankit Relan, lawyer for T Series, on behalf of Raabta makers told Hindustan Times that the entire script of the film was filed as evidence and they also submitted a comparative chart showing differences between Raabta and Magadheera.“We filed the entire script of our film along with a comparative chart showing how the two films are completely different in the their story, treatment and expression, something that the plaintiff ought to have done in the first place as part of his pleadings to show comparative similarities. Neither any such similarities were pointed out nor has the plaintiff filed its script for the judge to make a comparison,” he said.He added, “The entire suit, which has been filed at the eleventh hour despite the trailer coming out more than six weeks ago, is based on conjectures. We can’t understand how a film of over 2.30 hours in duration can reasonably be compared with a trailer of around 2 minutes to jump to a conclusion of Copyright infringement. We even offered to show the entire film to the plaintiff as far back as on 17th of last month, to which the counsels for plaintiff responded only on the midnight of 30th May, 2017, one night before the next hearing, stating that the reply was left lying with the watchman of their building all this while. They rejected the offer to see the film, of course.”

Allu Arvind (producer of Magadheera) had sent a legal notice to Raabta makers citing plagiarism. When asked to watch the rough-cut, he refused, a source told Hindustan Times. “They were willing to show him (Allu Arvind) Raabta so he could compare it with Magadheera, but he wasn’t interested. Then they offered to put the compensation being asked for into escrow with the esteemed court and if the court decided it was a copy, he could take the amount demanded. He wasn’t even interested in entertaining this,” the source told

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