Patna-bound GoAir flight makes emergency landing in Nagpur after engine glitch


A Patna-bound GoAir flight from Bengaluru with 139 passengers on board landed safely landing at Nagpur airport on Saturday after suffering a glitch in one of its engines, airport and airline officials said.

Nagpur airport director Abid Ruhi told news agency PTI that flight G8 873 of GoAir, which has been rebranded as GoFlight, made a safe landing at 11.15am.

“The pilot of the GoAir flight contacted Nagpur ATC to inform that one of the engines of the plane is facing a problem, and made a request for an emergency landing at Nagpur airport,” Ruhi told PTI.

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“We made all requisite arrangements by declaring it as a full-scale emergency, which includes making available runways, fire tenders, doctors, ambulances and requires coordination with the police. Fortunately, the flight made a safe landing,” Ruhi said.

A spokesperson of Go First said that the flight from Bengaluru to Patna was diverted to Nagpur due to a faulty engine warning in the cockpit, which “necessitated the captain to shut down the engine as a precautionary measure”.

“Thereafter, the captain landed safely at Nagpur airport,” the Go First Spokesperson said in a statement.

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The spokesperson added that all passengers have been deplaned and served refreshments. Another aircraft has been arranged for the passengers, which will leave for Patna at 4:45pm. “The aircraft is being inspected by the engineering team.”

“At GO FIRST, safety of its passengers and crew is of paramount importance and the airline sincerely regrets any inconvenience caused to the passengers.”

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