Security unable to open gate, passengers arriving at Bengaluru international airport made to wait


Passengers arriving in Bengaluru on an Air India flight from the Maldives were reportedly made to wait over 20 minutes at the international arrival terminal on Wednesday night after a security personnel was unable to unlock the arrival gate.

In a statement, the Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL) said 113 passengers on Air India flight AI266 from Male to Bengaluru were made to wait at the gate leading to the terminal after exiting the aircraft. “The security personnel deployed at the gate was unable to immediately open the glass door and sought help from a supervisor who opened the door. All 113 passengers were then able to clear the area fairly quickly,” BIAL added.

A spokesperson added, “We are working with the relevant stakeholders to ascertain the reasons and to take necessary precautionary steps. BIAL’s priority always lies in offering a seamless travel experience to passengers and we will ensure that we work with our stakeholders so they are sensitised to avoid the recurrence of such incidents in the future.”

Journalist Vir Sanghvi, who tweeted about the incident, claimed the delay was because the key of the gate was missing.

“At Bangalore airport arriving passengers on Int flights kept waiting because they couldn’t find the key to open the arrival hall door to let them in for over 20 min! Many were rushing to make connections. Customs & immigration were great. Problem was CISF & bad Apt mgt. @MoCA_GoI,” Sanghvi said.

In a subsequent tweet, he said “they tried two different keys which did not fit”.

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