Shashi Tharoor explains who a ‘bhakt’ is after being trolled for pic at wedding


Slamming the trolls, Shashi Tharoor said it is uncool on part of the ‘bhakt brigade’ to drag non-political people into their malice.

A photo of Congress MP Shashi Tharoor along with a bridegroom went viral on Twitter which did not go down well with Tharoor who sharply gave back to the trolls saying it is not cool to drag ‘non-political’ people into malice on part of the ‘bhakts’. As an unrelenting social media user asked the MP the definition of a ‘bhakt’, the Congress MP explained.

In the said photo, Tharoor was seen with the bride and the groom wearing a safa and a decorative garland. The photo invited different kinds of trolling with one user saying that she deleted the photo “because the bride and groom and Modi Bhakts”.

The wedding was of Abhishek Kulkarni, MD and group CEO of Urbane Media Network and model, pilot Chahat Dalal.

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“I am used to being trolled by an organised brigade of Bhakts &I can take it, knowing it comes within the territory. But dragging non-political people into your malice is not cool, & insulting a young couple on their wedding day to take cheap shots at their guest is disgraceful,” Tharoor tweeted.


As another user asked him what he meant by ‘bhakts’ and is bhakts are not God’s devotees, the Congress MP tweeted, “Bhakti towards the divine is to be respected. Bhakti towards a political leader or cause, especially in the name of religion, is deplorable. Bhakts in the latter sense refers to the devotees of the Sangh Parivar & Moditva.”

Tharoor was recently criticised for a photo with women MPs of Parliament which he posted with a caption that came under fire. “Who says the Lok Sabha isn’t an attractive place to work?” Tharoor had captioned the photo inviting criticism of sexism. The Congress MP then said sorry that some people were offended by the photo but explained that clicking the photo on the first day of the winter session of Parliament was done at good humour, at the initiative of teh women MPs and he was happy to be part of the ‘workplace camaraderie’.

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