Shashi Tharoor teaches social media what ‘allodoxaphobia’ is. Adds a UP angle to it


Shashi Tharoor said allodoxaphobia is not only the word of the day, but also the word of last seven years. 

Congress MP Shashi Tharoor, who is a word wizard and known for his choicest of uncommon words, on Sunday taught social media a new word, which he termed as not only the word of the day but also the word of the last seven years. Allodoxaphobia, he explained, is an irrational fear of opinions. Giving an example of how to use the word, Tharoor wrote, “The BJP government in UP slaps sedition and UAPA cases on people because its leadership suffers from allodoxaphobia.” The origin of the word id green with ‘allo’ meaning different, dox meaning opinion of phobos comes from the Greek God of fear.


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