Terrified teenage rider clings on as ‘out of control’ Rottweiler hounds her horse and mother yells: ‘I’m calling the police,’ at the pet’s owner

A terrified teenage rider had to cling desperately to stay on her horse as she was chased around a field by an ‘out of control Rottweiler.

The massive dog pursued Ella Smith for more than three minutes when she was out riding close to her home in Oxford.

Ella’s mum, Tracy, caught the whole terrifying encounter on her mobile phone as she yelled ‘I’m calling the police – come and get your dog’.

The stay-at-home mum is thankful the 14-year-old was experienced enough and fears things could have been much worse after a friend was apparently left with broken ribs after a similar incident.

Footage shows the large dog darting repeatedly after the horse, chasing it in circles and the panicked horse tries to get away – while Tracy screams at the owner ‘I’m calling the police – come and get your dog!’ at the top of her lungs

When she confronted the owner, Tracy claims he blamed their high-vis clothing for attracting the dog and she is now calling on dog owners to be more responsible around horses.

Tracy, from Oxford, said: “This was the worst incident we have ever had but we have similar issues quite often. It was scary for my daughter. As soon as the dog got close, her horse was up in the air on two legs.

“She’s quite experienced so she hung on and managed to get the horse under control. It was really spooked. Luckily mine stood still and that’s the point when I got my phone out to record the incident.”

The two riders were out enjoying a morning hack in their local countryside when the Rottweiler ran away from its owner towards them.

She believes problems between dogs and horses stem from a lack of education among canine owners about how to stay safe near the bigger animals.

Tracy said: “The dog ran over from the other side of the field where its owner was. By this point, the man had left the field with his dog off-lead behind him.

“The Rottweiler went for my horse then Ella’s. That’s when I started recording it. A horse’s reaction is to flee danger and that’s what Ella’s was trying to do.

“There was nothing that could be done because we usually stop and stand to let dogs pass, but because it was at the horse’s legs, it wouldn’t stand still.

“After it’d happened, I told my daughter to stay where she was and went to go find the dog owner. I ran after him because I wanted him to know what he had done.

“He only stopped when I had caught up to him. He just replied with ‘they’re Rottweilers, that’s what they do’.

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