Watch: Indian soldiers brave extreme cold, snow; Twitterati says ‘superpower not a myth’


Indian soldiers are posted on the higher reaches of Himalayas, protecting the country’s borders. A post on Twitter by defence ministry PRO is being widely hailed by internet users.

The entire north India is under the grip of severe cold. The situation in higher reaches is even more harsh, with temperature plunging to sub-zero level. It’s hard to even imagine going out in such a weather; there are fears of freezing to death.

In such a difficult condition, soldiers of the Indian Army are busy guarding the people of the country, showing unflinching resolve to protect India’s borders.

Videos posted on Twitter by defence ministry’s Public Relations Officer, Udhampur, show the tough job these soldiers perform with ease.

In one of the videos, a vigilant soldier is seen keeping a hawk eye on the border in winter gear, least bothered by the plumes of cold winds blowing towards him.

“No easy hope or lies shall bring us to our goal, But iron sacrifice of body, will, and soul. There is but one task for all. One life for each to give. Who stands if Freedom fall?” the accompanying tweet said.

Another video shows a group of soldiers walking through snow-clad mountain to patrol the border areas. “Compare this with your early morning walk in the park!” said the tweet posted by PRO, Udhampur.

The posts were widely hailed by Twitter users who called the soldiers their heroes.

“These men in Uniform can boil the ocean, thats why they r who they r. Superpower was not a myth.Who else can bear snow, rain, storm, and bleeds yet slain d evils if not Superhuman. We sleep bcz these men violently fight with violence,” said a user.

India has significantly increased the presence of its troops in the upper reaches of the Himalayas, especially along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) – its border with China – in the wake of a military standoff going on since May 2020.

Twelfth round of talks between the two sides to resolve the issues is expected to take place in January 12.

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