Watch: Students help differently-abled classmate to evacuate during earthquake


Last week a 4.8 magnitude earthquake struck Shimian County in China’s Sichuan province. A footage of a class full of students evacuating as the earthquake struck is now going viral on social media.

The video, which appears to have been recorded on the school’s CCTV camera, shows students hiding under the desks as they notice the earthquake.

Soon the students cover their heads with notebooks or hands and promptly step out of the classroom. However, at the back of the classroom, a student who was using a wheelchair stayed still until his classmates pushed his wheelchair to safety.

At a closer inspection of the video, it appears the first student to help the differently-abled student was sitting in the front row. However, instead of leaving the classroom, the boy goes and helps his classmate. Three more students are seen clearing the desks that restrict their way to the exit while a teacher stands by the door and urges everyone to leave the school building quickly.

This 30-second video was shared on Twitter by former Norwegian diplomat Erik Solheim on Wednesday. While tweeting the video, Solheim wrote, “Solidarity! On May 20th, in the middle school of Sichuan 🇨🇳 earthquake with magnitude 4.8, teachers and classmates didn’t forget him in wheelchair. 👍👍👍”.

Commenting on Solheim’s post, a Twitter user wrote, “There is some difference between classmates and FRIENDS……. They are FRIENDS….🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝”

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