About Us

Jagatwani (weekly) Hindi newspaper was established 24 years ago in 1987 in India (Jalandhar, Punjab) by Mr. Ashok Khanna.

Mr. Ashok Khanna is currently successfully managing the Jagatwani newspaper in India with more than 25 years experience as a chief editor along with Mr. Manoj Kumar who has accumulated working as a Sub Editor for almost 15 years, in India.

Jagatwani launched its first Hindi newspaper in the United Kingdom in 2007 with a full coloured version. Jagatwani is great dynamic UK’s first and most popular (Indian) Hindi newspaper.

Jagatwani newspaper touches the height of success and has been awarded by the Indian High Commission in London (2009). Despite of the unfavourable circumstances such as recession along with the tough competition, Jagatwani towering over all competitors and serving by publishing a hindi newspaper based in Birmingham and freely distributed within the United Kingdom. There is e-paper available on the website.

Jagatwani newspaper providing unbiased reporting, great editorials along with the contents covering all aspects of human needs as well as curiosity.

The feedback we are getting from our loyal customers clearly shows the popularity due to its useful contents of political, social, articles based on high moral and cultural values, different stories, poetry, health issues, beauty tips, sports updates, valuable advertisements, current national and international sensitive issues serves every section of society is the key success of Jagatwani. Jagatwani enjoyed by everybody irrespective of age, gender, religion, communities, employed, self employers, business class and retired etc.

It is loved by all because of its non denominational having no right or left wing affiliation also not any religious or political favouritism, having no prejudiced feeling towards any social and ethnic groups.


The success of newspaper depends on its distribution network. We started distribution of Jagatwani newspaper in six London Boroughs: Brent, Ealing, Harrow, Hillingdon, Hounslow and Slough. Now Jagatwani has started its circulation in Southall, Wembley, West Midland, Birmingham, West Bromwich, Wolverhampton, Walsall, Dudley, Hands worth, Smethwick, Leicester, Coventry, and Manchester.
Jagatwani newspaper is widely read through professionals and general public. To name of few our loyal readership.

Council Offices


Estate Agents





Local Cash and Carry(s)

Media Companies



Places of Worship and Faith Centres

Residential and Commercial Estate Agents


Sports Associations

Travel Agents

There is also postal delivery to a select list of Businesses, MPs, Councillors, and Government offices.

Readership Profile

Readership and coverage are essential for the success of any newspaper. We are keeping in view these things, by providing information about current events and issues related to community. We are aiming to foster better citizenship. Our newspaper has always been at the heart of community life, striving to inform and entertain with our unrivalled news, sports and entertainment coverage. With our local advertising contents, we are actively encouraging a healthy economic environment. Jagatwani is highly accessible to the general public through local businesses, community locations and newsstands within its distribution zones.


The current subscription can be posted to your doorstep if you send us a self addressed envelope with a second class big postage stamp. Also if you need to target your messages to our readers at most competitive rates. Let us offer you our services and advertising space through Jagatwani. Our publications are also available in India at Jazbaat street, Pacca Bagh in Jalandhar City (Punjab, India).

We are working in locations like Ealing, Harrow, Hounslow, Hillingdon, Brent, Wembley Slough, Southall, West Midlands, Birmingham, West Bromwich, Wolverhampton, Walsall, Dudley, Hands worth, Smethwick, Leicester, Manchester, Coventry and few more.

Jagatwani is the best Hindi medium with massive reach and return for all types of product and services that is desired in Indian homes in Britain. Why not try out the Jagatwani and reach them easy.

If you need to target your message to our readers at the most competitive rates let us offer you our services and advertising space through Jagatwani.

Now in pipelines are various other correspondence to come. Hope we will be able to give news from these areas as soon as possible.