Donald Trump’s healthcare bill passed in US House: Republicans won this battle, but they’ve lost the war

This bill inflicts untold damage on the public. Literally. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO), which estimates the impact of a bill on the public before it is voted upon, did not have the time to score this bill and assess its impact on the economy.

Which was entirely by design at the hands of the Republican leadership in the House, who did not want the CBO to score this bill. Did not want the public to find how just how much damage it this bill would do to them and their children.

Unfortunately for them, the CBO was able to analyse the previous iteration of the bill. The better version of this bill, which would have thrown close to 24 million people off healthcare. More specifically, the most economically vulnerable: Trump voters. And they say irony is dead.

Seventeen percent of voters favoured the previous bill. This version is infinitely worse. It gets rid of coverage for pre-existing conditions, which would remove millions and milllions more from the healthcare rolls.

It also removes insurance companies from having to cover “essential benefits” such as ambulance rides to the hospital and care for pregnant women. Perhaps worst of all, it increases premiums by thousands of dollars. Healthcare becomes accessable, but unaffordable.

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