Kerala adoption row: DNA samples of Anupama and Ajith taken to check parentage


Hours after the one-year-old baby at the centre of a raging adoption row landed in the Kerala capital, employees of the Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biology on Monday collected samples of the child, Anupama S Chandran who is claiming to be his biological mother, and her husband K Ajith to establish parenthood of the baby, officials familiar with the development said.

Earlier, Chandran asked the child rights body and others to take blood samples of all three together as she suspected a foul play, but it was turned down. Samples were collected separately and Chandran’s plea to meet the baby was also declined, with officials telling her that it will be done only after the court takes a final decision. Results of the DNA tests will be available on Wednesday, officials said.

“Some officials of the Child Welfare Commission are acting with a vengeance. So it is natural to suspect a foul play. My request to meet my baby was also turned down,” Chandran said. But later health minister Veena George dismissed her allegations.

“We have expedited everything and whole process will be video-graphed. Since the case is before the court, we can go by its directions. The government is bound to protect the child’s rights,” George said, adding the government has no problem in handing over the baby to Chandran after the DNA test. But Chandran reiterated her charge that people who played a key role in illegal adoption row were still entrusted with the custody of the baby.

“It is an inhuman attitude. They still find pleasure in hounding me. I was dying to see my child separated after three days of birth but my request to see the baby was turned down. Now all are talking about law, but these people flouted the law to give away the child when I was making rounds of several offices and leaders” she said. Chandran said though the party and government pledged support to her, it never reflected in their actions.

The baby was brought back from his foster parents in Andhra Pradesh on Sunday as directed by the Child Welfare Committee. It also ordered a DNA test in five days. Chandran and her husband have been on a protest outside the office of the state child welfare council seeking her baby and action against officials who allegedly colluded with her parents to give away her child for adoption. The child was given up for adoption in August this year.

Chandran had complained against her parents, saying the newborn was forcibly taken and given for adoption and with the connivance of some officials. She said police refused to entertain her compliant since her father was a senior leader of CITU, the trade union wing of the ruling CPI(M). She said her parents opposed her relation with Ajith since her husband belonged to a Dalit family. Both were active workers of the party. Though the issue attracted national attention, chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan is yet to react.

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