Tall Claims Of Organisers punctured A Big Thank You To The UK Sikh Community To Reject Fake Refrendum


SFJ sponsored referendum for A separate Khalistani State on 31st October at Queen Elizabeth Centre In the heart of British Capital has flopped . People of Sikh Origin here in Britain has refused to vote for this SFJ sponsored Referendum. Reliable sources have Confirmed to Jagatwani that a total of Close to 2000 People voted out of which some votes were rigged as well . Such a small turnout has broken the back of this Separatist Movement, is a shot in the Arm PM Narendra Modi,s policies . When Asked OFBJP President Kuldeep Shekhawat Told us that this kind of Separatist Agenda will always fail as BJP Govt. Lead By PM Narendra Modi has come out with many initiatives to support the Grass-root Indian as well as welfare of Sikh community at large . Indian Diaspora here loves him and his Sab Ka Saath Sabaka Vikas Agenda . That was also clearly evident during his recent visit to Glasgow for COPE 26.


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