Toronto woman wrongly billed for Uber ride in Poland says she feels ‘violated’

A Toronto woman says she feels she was taken for a ride after being billed for an Uber trip ordered on her account that she didn’t take — 7,000 kilometres away in Krakow, Poland.

Laura Hesp was at home in her apartment in Toronto on Monday when she says she received a text saying an Uber driver would be there in five minutes to pick her up. The problem: she never ordered one.

Hesp says she thought it was it was a glitch and posted about the ride to the Weird Toronto Facebook group.

“Got a phantom text saying my Uber arrived… I open the app and it’s in Poland and for the next 10 minutes I can see this guy dropping someone off… In… Poland. What,” Hesp wrote.

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Before long, Hesp was getting replies saying her account had likely been hacked.

‘I kind of felt a little bit violated’

Hesp says she didn’t know that was possible.
Hesp says she contacted Uber and told them what happened.

She says Uber refunded the trip, and told her to secure her account by changing her password and deleting her credit card information.

“I kind of felt a little bit violated, like someone else was impersonating me in an Uber… And you can’t really track down who that person was,” she said.

In an email to CBC News, Uber security spokesperson Melanie Ensign said this type of fraud is usually caused by password reuse or phishing scams that trick a user into giving away their password.
However, when the ride ended, she says she got an email with a bill for the equivalent of about $3.75 for the ride.

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