Watch: China railway worker stops girl from throwing herself in front of high-speed train

Trains which some use to travel are also used by some to commit suicides. That’s what happened with a woman in China who tried to kill herself. But killing yourself that way isn’t easy when this man is around.

In a footage captured on station in China, surveillance camera shows that the woman ran towards the train tracks. This she did seconds before the high-speed train was about to reach the station.

The woman who is reportedly a college student tried to commit suicide jumping in front of the train.

But before she could end her life, an alert man acted upon his reflexes. Upon seeing the college student racing towards the tracks, the man chased her and grabbed her arm before she could jump.

While doing so, the helping man even hit his head on the concrete but did not let go. A few seconds later the train arrives at the platform and two more people quickly rush towards the girl and the man to help them out.

According to CGTN, the incident happened on May 10 at Putian station in Fujian province in Southeast China.

The man who is reportedly a railway worker suffered injuries while trying to save the woman.

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